Welcome to Bunker

We are on a mission to bring Art to everybody.

Current exhibit

This May we have a temporary exhibit called Down the Rabbit Hole: Visual Explorations of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Permanent Exhibit

We have an exhibition on section 1 and 2 of the hallway that is available
throughout the year. Here you will find work from famous artists and local artists.

Our Premises

We have various sections throughout Bunker


Section 1 is categorised as the colourful area, this is where you will find our abstract art.


Section 2 is comprised of the most valuable art we have, and very few pieces are here.


Section 3 is reserved for local creators, so expect to find something from a Bristolian

Rent a workspace

We have three workspaces currently available for renting at our art gallery.

Upcoming Talks

This is a list of all upcoming talks in Bunker. They start at 9H00 every Wednesday

  • Down the Rabbit Hole: Visual Explorations of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.
  • How art might change a person: A talk with Mike Andrew
  • Interview with a Bristol street artist.

First Fridays

A Night for Bunker to stay open late and show work and art. This happens on the first Friday from 19H00 to 22H00 of every month

We are looking for new members

If you are interested in working at Bunker, contact us by email and send us your portfolio. We have various opportunies for either part-time or full-time.

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Upcoming Shows

This is a list of all upcoming shows in Bunker. They start at 16H00 Friday

  • How to draw effectively with your toes
  • Something is scratching my pen.
  • A magician is also an artist

Hours & How to Find Us


Open from 9AM to 6PM all week
Closed on weekends

How to Find Us

We are just outside Cabot Circus, next to Superdrug

Bristol, Cabot Circus
BS13 3US
Phone: +44 000000000