We are a tea house and bookshop merged into one specialising in fresh, homegrown tea, good books
and great music. Whether you come to relax a little, or just to check the place out,
we hope you’ll stop in. We can’t wait to host you. See you at the Table!

Born out of an idea of an American Japanese couple, Jonas and Martha merged a tea house and bookstore into one
and gave fruit to Words Through Tea. With a stage on site and delicious tea, they garantee that each night and day
will be relaxing and fun.

The entrance for the tea house is unmistakable, just look out for our famous Nihon Momonga logo on the Kita 13 Jonishi street right next to the Hokkaido University.

One of the key aspects of our tea house is that we also have books for you to read while enjoying your tea. Most of the books are completely in Japanese, but for our international costumers we also have some translated books in English.

We are very proud of the local tea suppliers we got here in Hokkaido. The close proximity to the farming fields has given us the best quality someone could get. Everything is served in a traditional japanese way.

We have various board games traditional to Japan, and also some other ones. Please check out our reservation form to see everything available!

Inside we have a culture of keeping things quiet, just think of this as your own meditation spot while you enjoy the local tea and books.

Of course on Fridays we have our weekly participation of the local samisen players. On Saturdays you can participate on the open mic nights.

Hours & Location


Japan, 〒001-0013 Hokkaido,
Sapporo, Kita Ward,
Kita 13 Jonishi, 3 Chome−2,


Monday - Thursday
8:00am - 8:00pm
Friday - Saturday
10:00am - 11:00pm

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Frequently asked questions

Are children allowed?

As you may be aware we strive for a quiet environment, but we do not forbid the entrance of
children, but if other patrons become annoyed by the noise we will ask for you to leave.

Are you looking for employees?

At the moment we aren't, check back again another time and this might change!

Is your tea all local?

We are proud of the suppliers we got in Hokkaido, and we intend to maintain that relationship,
therefore yes, everything is local.

Do we need to pay for the books?

The books are reserved on site, but don't have a cost. It is required to order something before reserving.

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